20 Year High School Reunion

This Saturday is my high school 20 year reunion.

Um, I am not sure I am old enough to have a 20 year reunion but there you go ;) Class of 1995.

The crazy thing is, my bestest closest friends are those that I went to high school with but I am really excited about seeing a few people that I only see on facebook and of course those I am not friends with at all on FB! Last week while we were away camping, I randomly bumped into a girl from school that I have not seen in probably 20 years! She hadn’t changed and we had a good chat in the toilets. It was kind of weird actually. We had so much in common but nothing at the same time.

Lately, I have been worried about getting older. Not OMG stressed out but things are playing on my mind. I get worried about my body going into pre menopause (although my cycles seem to be regular again so that is good), worried about having Molly as an older woman and missing vital time with her. I don’t regret travelling and I don’t regret starting “later” but the fact is I did attempt this when I was 30 and it didn’t happen. Still, I do wish I had started earlier or more specifically I wish IVF had worked a lot earlier. I also worry that I am just older, you look at yourself and things are definitely not as smooth as they once were! I don’t have that same energetic bounce – which I am trying to work on with my 12w challenge but I am definitely slower and find it harder to embrace things with the unbridled enthusiasm I once did.

Then all of a sudden I think, 20 years is actually A REALLY LONG TIME. There is still so much life in me. I have lived so much in those 20 years since high school finished so the above is actually a moot point! You think that it has gone quick but time is relative, it really hasn’t gone that fast at all. The important thing is I really have lived and done so much in my 37 years and hopefully I have another good 37 in me. There is still a lot of time to achieve what I want to do and experience many things. It balances and stabilizes the crazies that sometimes exist in me.

There is no doubt I have changed over the past 20 years but still so much is the same. Deep down I am still the same silly, crazy, funny Chon I always have been. Just a little more worn around the edges, a little softer but still me.

senior dance

Senior Dance 1994

image6 (2)

I am still best friends to this day with these two


I think this was year 10? Maybe 1992?


year 12 muck up day


Year Eleven Tassie Camp

Tales of My House 4

A while back I was talking about losing my design mojo and in order to try and inspire myself and think outside the box I showed you my favourite art styles and paintings that I liked. That was as good mental process for me and a few weeks ago I scored a complete betty bargain on a Kirsten Jackson print via an online discount shopping site and it arrived last week. It is an original signed print and Chippie installed it over the weekend. Even better it came with a gorgeous timber frame which looks much nicer, more sophisticated and “frames” the piece well.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that Chippie and I had a different view on where it should go. I didn’t really need to get the girls out, I just mentioned I potentially would and that seemed to suffice :)

I am really thrilled with it and it makes me smile every time I walk past which is about 90 times a day. It feels good to finally get art on walls and more personalised pieces around the home. Oh to win the lottery as we still have so much more to do! I have decided that in our second hallway I want to do a gallery wall. I can’t find the picture that inspired me but it was basically 6 x 2 across with all the same frames and same dimensions. That will be my new project. In between other projects of course.

Here are a few little snaps of moments in my home that currently make me happy. Have a great week everyone.

  Art in situ. Looking from master bathroom.

I love this little corner in Molly’s room. Her big girl bed will be ordered before the end of the year and I can’t wait to finally do her space.
 Book case. I restyle the bottom half a few times a month. I would like to get more prints in there so on the hunt for some good ones. FYI the Adore book came off the back of a hugely successful online magazine that is free. It is Australian based but she does feature a lot of international bloggers. The link to read it is here

What Chon Wore; Waisted

No jean posts this week.Rocking out my work wardrobe and still having so much fun reinventing my closet. Everything I have on in this post has lived in my wardrobe a very long time.  

This week I gave a waist coat and high waisted shorts a work out. They were a touch snug which lends itself perfectly to my 12w challenge starting Monday 😜 

My Office Manager and I both wore a waistcoat on the same day – there is 10 years between us and two vastly different fashion styles. S is a hippie rocker and I’m much more preppy classics, so it goes to show that this item can cross all genres and can be worn buttoned up over a cute shirt or left open with skinny pants and a total rockstar attitude! 


What I wore;

  • White shirt Witchery
  • Black pants Satch 
  • Waistcoat  Dotti
  • Belt KMart
  • Shoes Country Road gift from a friend as they were half a size too small for her. Winning!


What I wore;

  • Blazer Target
  • Spotty navy blouse with a ruffled front  little boutique in B.alnarring
  • Shorts T.L Wood purchased on our first wedding anniversary! They are a gorgeous pure wool blend and absolutely cut to perfection. I got them on a sale rack for next to nothing and you can tell they are a designer piece (Aussie designer)
  • Loafers Target
  • White white legs, well they are all mine!! 

With the exception of the shoes everything I am wearing I have had for over 5 years!! I hope it doesn’t look dated, I felt quite snazzy this week and given it was a sad week a bit of snaz was what I needed.

I mentioned above I am about to start at 12w challenge, I might start a new page so that I can track my goals.

Absolutely loving seeing a few of you embrace your inner fashionistas. A new breed of bloggers is born…. fashionable parenting after infertility and loss and my uterus may be disagreeable but I wear cute shoes 😂😂 take that IF! 

Finding happy at home

Last week was a monumentally crappy week. I lost my best friends mum and I lost my nan in law. Two people I cared for very much.

This week is going to be difficult saying goodbye to two amazing women. One still had so much left to give in her life. To her beautiful family, to her partner and to her grandchildren. She has been taken far too early. The other, she welcomed the end. She drifted off peacefully in her sleep, on her own terms after living a full beautiful life. Still, selfishly I didn’t want her to go.

Chippie is sad but pragmatic. He hated seeing his Nan, while not in pain, limited in what she could and couldn’t do. She could no longer be without her oxygen tank and with her independence being taken away she wasn’t willing to sit in her chair and watch the world go by. My best friend is sad but strong. There is going to be a great deal of pain to work through after this week and the sadness and emptiness that will follow. My group of girlfriends though, man 30 years on and I can’t see us never being apart. I have known these girls my whole life. When shit falls apart, I swear we get better with age. Or maybe, life experience and empathy. I feel secure in knowing C has a whole army at her back for when she needs us. I foresee wine and tears and love.

Life can be so beautiful and so cruel at the same time.

Amazingly though has been the conversations I have had with Molly. We have been honest with her about it. She knows great nan has gone to heaven with Zarah (Chippies old dog). That she has gone to sleep and that she was really tired and not very well but she is happy now. She has been asking questions and I have been blown away at her intelligence and insightful thoughts. Children! They can absolutely astound you sometimes. We have been playing a lot of Tay Tay lately and on Saturday morning I said to Molly let’s do a dance for Great Nan and she said yeah, that will make her happy in heaven. That makes me smile. Tay Tay, wins again.

Every now and then I take stock of my life and I realise that life is good. Even with the yuck and the pain and the sadness and all the things that go on in the world. Life is good. It is bittersweet and filling.


What Chon Wore: Blazer

In my ongoing efforts to revitalize my wardrobe without buying anything and reuse, rewear or recycle my existing closet I have been having a bit of fun. There is a great #everydaystyle on instagram started by an Australian blogger, Styling You, that is a great source of simple, fun, accessible fashion for women of all sizes. I particularly love her model and me series, demonstrating you don’t need to be a size 0 to wear nice clothes. I highly recommend it. Another great source for Northern Hemisphere peeps is The Mom Edit she has a really interesting and versatile range of contributors in different shapes and sizes and again it is accessible fashion.

I have been following Vicki from Style on V, for a while now she is a more mature blogger with a fabulous eye. These sites are good for reevaluating what you already have. The other day she did a post on blazers and I am still bloody kicking myself that I didn’t get the black blazer I saw from Top Shop last year because they do really make an outfit going from boring to classy. I have a black blazery looking jacket but it’s not a true blazer. I decided to have a flip through one end of my closet which has some items from my old corporate days that I am loathe to throw out and I found the jacket you see below.

It is a brown velvet, 3/4 sleeve fitted jacket. And it is gorgeous! I bought it from Cue to go with a sleek, very fitted pencil skirt, that alas, no longer fits me (ok TRUTH I may have split it up the bum in an effort to get it to fit me, thus it has now gone to fashion heaven). It has that blazer style without me having to buy a new one (TRUTH again I am so going to get one, waiting for the perfect sale item to hit) and it instantly dressed up another boring jeans outfit. Also, I get to reuse something I already had.


I wore;

  • Brown velvet jacket, Cue
  • Rag n Bone jeans. These are a size too big and unfortunately I always have to wear a belt. Although, Chippie loves this belt so win on that side I suppose
  • Indigo cross over blouse from the Iconic  
  • Snakeskin, leather pointy toe heel (omg I cant’ remember where I bought them, it was a shoe shop in Flinders Lane about 9 years ago) I only wore these for the shot, I went into flats after this! Remember, a pointy toe NEVER goes out of style. However, if I was going out for lunch I would have definitely kept them on, for a doctors appointment probably a touch over the top.

Molly takes all of these shots of me, and has the attention span of a dory fish so it is a one take wonder! Which also explains why my head is usually cut out :) She is getting better though. She also has to be in the mood – honestly she can be a royal b*tch sometimes. Buttons have been pushed this week people.

I did make one teeny, tiny purchase this weekend! It was cheap and will only last one season. It was the Kmart black flowered kimono with a fringe for $15. Pretty bad picture below but it was a great little outfit jazz up. I wore that on Saturday. Needed something around the neck looking at this now. Oh well!

The Monday Snapshot; sickness in the house

My poor baby girl was so sick this week. It started last Saturday night with a cough and a fever and vomit. However we thought she had eaten too much junk food at the party. The next day we had another party and she perked up but she didn’t eat for the whole day. The cough persisted but I didn’t think it was anything more than she usually had so, I am ashamed to say, soldiered on. Molly went to kinder on Monday but that night, the cough it just hacked and hacked and hacked. It took ages to get her to sleep and in the morning she was exhausted. I said to her that she didn’t have to go to kinder but she really wanted to go so when I dropped her off I gave them her asthma pump, that we only use in emergencies and said that to use it if she was struggling. By lunchtime I received the call she was going downhill fast. When I went to pick her up she was asleep on one of her teachers laps and she looked absolutely washed out. They said she had no fever but you could literally feel it coming on. I immediately rang the doctors and got an appointment. She slept all the way home in the car, the transition in the house, the transition back to the doctors and when we got there she basically just laid her head on the chair. She had a huge fever and the diagnosis was croup. She has never had it before but it is a pretty bad chest infection. I don’t often see little miss as laid out as she was and truthfully I don’t think she has fully recovered because she has been so grumpy and whiny and tired the last few days. Toddler flu is as bad as man flu.

To top it all off, we had her ear, nose and throat specialist appointment on Friday and his recommendation is to have grommets and adenoids taken out. When I googled adenoids, the symptoms were 100% Molly. We have decided to go ahead with the surgery as soon as possible. Gah! Last week was the pits I tell you. Between Molly being sick, a client not paying a bill (don’t worry I will get it but it’s going to be a drama and again another reason why you never do things for friends and acquaintances), the biggest gas bill known to man and Chippies nanna being back in hospital and talking about wanting a needle I am hoping for a better week this week.

It was also Fathers Day here. That was a lovely day. I didn’t get any photos though. Check ya later last week. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

What Chon Wore: Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

The hint of spring kinda disappeared over the week and with the arrival of my gas bill (insert Edward Munch Scream here) new clothes are not on the agenda. Peeps it was crazy expensive and I nearly had a heart attack. 

I feel like I am in a clothing rut and I am totally ready for new season clothes. I love my seasons and I am done with you winter. I read a really interesting blog post (or instagram post?) about an Aussie chick who went to NYC and packed two gorgeous winter coats but she said when it is -15 degrees all you really want to wear is a puffer coat and as many layers as possible. Whilst my winter has been nothing of that sort, sheesh, it’s been frigid and rainy enough that the idea of dressing up is lost in favour of dressing warm. Even beanies, scarves and boots lose their appeal after a while.

That being said I tried to jazz up my wardrobe as much as possible this week and holy toledo tried to incorporate some colour.


Hang on, is it spring yet? Close. The weather is teasing us but it was nice enough to not wear tracksuit pants for work. Joke as if I would. Hmm, sorry for extreme close up. 
I wore;

  • Scarf Sussan
  • Pure wool green cardigan Country Road this is a beautiful long skinny cardigan and it really is a lovely piece to wear for work and casual wear (sorry SRB, I broke the rules)
  • Dress Target seriously, 100 years old but it fits all the curves nicely even after many washes. I like the little white polka dots!


Lunch with my 89 year old nan who turns 90 in December and still has skin to die for. Call it the product of spending the first 50 years of her life in England but seriously for an almost 90 year old her skin still has so much plumpness to it. It is not leathery and wrinkly like old parchment. She looks amazing. I, however have had the fortunate upbringing of spending my first 37 years in Australia so I will probably look like an old leather hand bag if I get to her age. I am super diligient about daily moisturiser with SPF 30 and I always watch my hands. Liz Taylor always said your hands always tell your age, you can’t get plastic surgery on your hands! Nan is really good at the moment and Molly totally adores her.

I wore;

  • Trench Coat Country Road proof that a good jacket is an investment piece. This is 9 years old and still looks amazing. It is white so you need to clean it with care. This has a story. My blog, my rules ;) the first jacket I bought I wore to an special preview of a musical (Phantom of the Opera) it was after work and I was all dressed up and my friend came to meet me in town. There was a full drinks service but it was very crowded in the foyer. A server was walking past with a tray full of drinks and we edged back, back and further back when I bumped into a full table of RED WINE. It went all over the back of my brand new jacket! The production company reimbursed me for my jacket but CR had SOLD OUT. I managed to find one on eBay and managed to get the bid in for the same amount I purchased it for. With the other jacket we had it cleaned three times and the stain did come out so my Mum has that jacket now!
  • Striped blue & white top Glassons I started following a great local blog called Style & Sheanigans and she has great every day style and often does posts on the every day items you need. After she posted about a black v neck merino top I also bought this as well. It is perfect for casual but classy items and stripes are the bomb. You can’t fail with a jaunty stripe.
  • Jeggings Country Road. Sorry guys, refer to disclaimer above. Maybe this week we will have a bit of a change. Maybe.


I was just hanging out and cruising. Had coffee with M. Did the food shopping. Wore these RIDICULOUS tight jeans that I had to take off when I got home from shopping because I thought I was going to die. Note to self; you need to get your joggers back on as your calves are getting too big. 
I wore;

  • too tight jeans ASOS I bloody love them but there is no give in these bad boys. FARK.
  • Grey wool cardy Witchery birthday pressie from Chippie
  • Silk top Country Road hand me down from my SIL. I love this top. Best hand me down ever!
  • Shoes Kmart and binned straight after this photo. Winter and wineries do not mix. They were cheap but looked awful so I am on the hunt for some new cheap flats.

Last week was an up and down week. This week has been good and so far the weather has been a great start to Spring. Bring it sunshine. I am ready and waiting!


This theme has been weighing heavily on my mind of late.

We are done with fertility treatments, but no matter how much we try to say we are done at one we know that this is not true. More specifically it isn’t necessarily true for me. It is something I need to work through, it will take time and I don’t know if it is something you can ever fully reconcile yourself to. The fact that your family making journey is over before you want it to be finished.

I posted this a few months ago and I meant every word. I am done with IVF, drugs, needles, doctors, surgeries, ultrasounds and vitamins. I feel a sense of relief that I don’t need to schedule my life around these anymore. Yet I still grieve and long for another child. I just know that I can’t have one that is biologically mine. Jes asked the question had I considered adoption and it struck a chord in me. It got me thinking.

The thing is, I have consider adoption. Probably not so much Chippie, but yes I have. Before we fell pregnant with Molly I rang the domestic adoption agency and spoke with them and to be honest I didn’t feel very heartened. For a start, we needed to completely give up fertility treatments. Something I wasn’t ready to do back then. There was also the sobering reality that in our state there is an average of 20 adoptions per year. Twenty. It isn’t very much is it. There was a concept called permanent care but it wasn’t sold very well to me. The fear that the child could be returned to it’s parents, that they wouldn’t take your last name. It wasn’t something that I wanted to consider.

Adoption in this country is vastly different to other places. It is one roadblock after another.

After Jes asked the question I made the call again. However I was not in the right place. I couldn’t even talk to the lady without crying. She phoned me at work and I asked if she could call me back on a Thursday or Friday when I was at home. She called but I was in the car with my aunt and I didn’t take the call. They never called back and I left it. I clearly wasn’t ready.

The other day there was a news article that sparked a conversation between Chippie and I. I broached the concept of adoption and said that it was a field we hadn’t looked at but before we completely close the door on family building, perhaps we should investigate before dismissing it entirely. Surprisingly he agreed. He hasn’t been particularly for it but with Molly getting older we are both mourning the loss of the baby years. It just went too quickly, was over too soon.

I made the call again and when they returned my call this time I was in a better place. For a start, it has been six months since we did IVF and apparently Molly is at the right age. She went through a long list of caveats. There needs to be a two year age gap. You need to take 12 months off work. It is all open adoption, a concept I completely support. You have had to have at least 6 months off fertility treatments. I asked to be put down for the information nights, there are a lot of unanswered questions for us and I need to be in a room where I can listen and ask questions. Snap, this is when all of those reasons why people don’t adopt in this country came out. There was a three month wait list for adoption and the first available session for a permanent care session was in February. Already you can’t even move forward for a few months. I felt a little flat and I thought to myself here we go again. I just want to move forward with information and it is already too hard.

Then, completely unrelated there was an article in our newspaper talking about the adoption process in this country that deflated me that little bit more. I have attached the full article here.

While the number of children growing up in care is increasing, the number of children adopted in Australia is at an all-time low. With a 76 per cent decline over the past 25 years, there were only 317 children adopted in Australia in 2013-14.

That is 317 across a country with a population of 22 million. You can bet there are a lot children that need a home and care but there is no access to them. Further, we are a very NON religious country compared to that of the USA, therefore if a person becomes pregnant these days and doesn’t want the baby then they will have an abortion. Simple as that. That is a whole other issue in itself. There isn’t a need or a desire to go through with the pregnancy only to give it up. I understand that. I’ve been there. In fact, at times it is presented as the only option.

The research shows that people perceive the Australian adoption process as negative, with overly restrictive barriers and a process that is designed to make people fail. Of the more than 1000 Australians surveyed, 17 per cent had looked into adopting a child, but 87 per cent had pulled out.

This is so true. Already in my tiny, minuscule entry into this world I have found it to be difficult. There is one avenue for domestic adoption and already it takes months for an information session. Let alone the entire process.

But one significant factor that is contributing to the decline in adoptions, and is not well understood, is how the system itself is broken and is effectively working against the best interests of children.

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of people out there that would make amazing wonderful parents. There are thousands, thousands of children out there who are currently living with abusive, absentee parents that do need somewhere to live. That deserve to be happy and healthy and given all the opportunities that my biological child could. But more than that could provide me with an amazing chance to be the best that I could be. That will make my life so much MORE and show me things that I couldn’t see in other ways. Our system is so tied up in red tape and bureaucracy and indecision that those that exist in the system are powerless to do anything. And there is always the belief the child’s best place is with it’s birth mother. We all know though that the ability to bear a child or create a child doesn’t make you a parent. That’s just biology. Parenting, being a MUM is so much more than that.

This is where I am at the moment, why I have been focusing on fluffy happy posts because this, all of this brings out the EMOTIONS that I can’t deal with all the time. Infertility showed me the blackest part of my soul. It destroyed me in ways that I have only just begun to recover from. Having Molly, that fixed me for a short time but venturing back into the world of IVF, it really knocked me down. With this new chance, I felt a glimmer of hope and it has already flicked back out. If we are successful, if we do move forward, if it does work for me I could be nearly 40. Molly will be nearly 6. I don’t know if I have the energy anymore for more failure, heartbreak and disappointment. I don’t expect it to be easy yet I want it to be realistic. I also feel Molly is too young at this stage for me to consider fostering. I need to get her through her developmental years. I don’t want to upset our status quo with instability. I want her to have a brother or sister for life. I want to be a mother for life. Chippie deserves to be a parent again. Am I strong enough and brave enough to do this all again, albeit through a different medium.

Before you even ask about surrogacy and donor eggs. Yes. I have thought about it but that is going to be a post for another time. Another month.

I am very very new and fresh to this idea. I don’t even know if we are going to move forward. I don’t even know what we are going to feel in a few months. This may not be our destiny. It may not be our path. I could change my whole perspective on everything.

To be honest, writing about what I wore is so much more freeing.

What Chon Wore: Weekend


I am bored of wearing the same thing.Although the hint of spring on the weekend certainly helped it still wasn’t warm enough to break out the shorts, skirts and dresses. I don’t really own a lot of winter dresses as it is too hard to wear them at work during the cold season and on weekends these days it is a lot more low key. Remember, this series is about real, ordinary clothes I wear, that other bloggies can relate to! As nice as it would be most of us don’t have a budget or the willingness to have a huge credit card debt! I also realise that the brands I wear are domestic but they pretty much copy whatever the rest of the world is doing and generally one season behind! I would love to see what my other bloggie girls are wearing for inspiration as well. I love all the stitch fix posts you do!


Today was Chippie’s birthday. I decided to glam it up a little bit (no photo but kewl flat lay, ok not so cool).  He had a dose of man flu but soldiered on. We went to dance class, had coffee and cake, bought a new car, watched his team smash my team by 91pts (I didn’t watch, it was horrendous) and went out for an early dinner. Finished off watching Fury on DVD. It was a really lovely day, even though he was a bit miserable. He also said to me, you look really nice today. I have to say, he always makes me feel good about myself. Even when I am a few kilos overweight.
 I wore;

  • Skinny jeans H&M.
  • Indigo blouse Cue. I really like Cue, especially in my old corporate life they had really unique flair but for day to day and my life now I very rarely buy. It can also be a bit expensive.
  • Nude wedges Nine West. These shoes were purchased in an all fire hurry three years ago in Brisbane. We had a wedding. I needed shoes. And Chippie was in the wedding and the groom had said that the suit he had would be fine. Except it was so not. They all had black, he had on a dark blackish brown. Plus it was a few seasons old and so out of date. I sprinted down to the city centre and purchased his on site. Thankfully I know my man. I grabbed these for me as well. They are horribly trashed now and I could probably do with upgrading them this year. Very comfy. And sexy I believe.
  • Black bag Witchery. Does everything I wear need to have a story? Probably not but I like a good back story. I got this as a Christmas present years ago and I always remember, his old car engine blew up on his way to get it.


We went to the 4X4 camping and fishing show. I know, a few people would be going “what, are you for real” but I love camping and it was actually fun. Chippie wanted to check out gear for his new car, he is terribly excited. We ended up visiting Chippie’s sister who lived a few minutes away so the kids could play before heading home. A busy but fun weekend.

I wore;

  • Jeggings Country Road still freaking comfy
  • Gold woolen sweater Sussan – a homage to spring
  • Shoes Target think this is the last season I can wear these #trashed